You have to pay for the health services you use, says Sajid Javid as NI tax hike arrives


Sajid Javid, the health secretary, today confirmed that the government will not ban conversion therapy for trans people.

He told Sky News that conversion therapy would be banned for LGB people, but the government believes there needs to be a ‘much more sensitive approach when it comes to trans people’.

He said: “When it comes to conversion therapy, it is absolutely right, as the government has said, that we ban so-called conversion therapy for LGB people.

“When it comes to trans, I think we have to be more careful. You asked me again as health secretary, in my mind is, for example, the recent report by Dr Hilary Cass, she’s one of the most experienced pediatricians in this country she just released an interim report a few weeks ago and she talked about how children and young people say they have gender dysphoria it’s just that the experts doctors can question this and determine what might be the cause.

“Is this a real case of gender identity dysphoria or could it be that this person is suffering from child sexual abuse for example or could it be bullying related.

“So I think it’s fair to take the approach we have, which is to ban conversion therapy for LGB people, but take a much more sensitive approach when it comes to trans people.”


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