will soon set up a directorate of urban health services | Bombay News


Mumbai For effective coordination during pandemic situations and to ensure better delivery of public health services in the growing urban agglomerations of Maharashtra, the state government will set up a separate directorate of urban health services.

This directorate, which will report to the state’s public health department, will oversee all urban local bodies like the 27 municipal corporations, including Mumbai, and city councils. The proposal for an urban health directorate will soon be presented to the State cabinet.

A senior official from the state public health department said the new administrative mechanism should ensure better delivery of central government and state government programs in urban areas.

“This will create a superstructure to regulate the operation of health services in these urban local bodies…a proposal has been submitted to the state government and will soon be presented to the cabinet,” he added.

“Right now, the state government is largely unaware of what is happening on the public health front in urban and municipal areas. For some local bodies like city councils, public health may not be a priority. The (urban) director will ensure administrative control over the health executives of municipal corporations and communes. This is one of the lessons of the pandemic because there have been times when we have faced problems in tasks such as data collection, ”said another official from the public health department of the city. ‘State. He added that some city councils’ public health systems were “skeletal”.

Currently, the Health Services Directorate has two directors: the General Manager of Health Services in Mumbai and the Director of Health and Family Welfare, based in Pune. In terms of urbanization, Maharashtra is third with 45.23% urban population, preceded by Tamil Nadu (48.45%) and Kerala (47.72%) according to the 2011 decennial census.

“As Maharashtra is a highly urbanized state, the new system will help us focus on health issues typical of urban areas and ensure better planning and coordination, especially in a pandemic situation,” noted the second quoted officer. above.


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