What is the price of beauty?


Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in hair and other personal care products. However, they can also cause the growth of breast cancer cells.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One in eight women in the United States will get breast cancer, with black women having a higher risk of getting breast cancer before age 40.

A study from the City of Hope National Medical Center found that ingredients found in black hair products are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

The study indicated that endocrine-disrupting chemicals called parabens have a strong effect on breast cancer in black women.

Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in hair and other personal care products. However, they can also cause the growth of breast cancer cells.

Dr. Makesha Miggins, associate professor of surgical breast oncology at the MD Anderson Center at the University of Texas at Houston, said the City of Hope study gives women another opportunity to look at the products that they use in their hair.

It also begs the question, what is the real cost of beauty?

“Most of my life I’ve focused on ‘is your hair done?’ You know, ‘do you have your look together.’ And I think we all know that our outward appearance is really important to us,” Miggins said.

She added that the topic of beauty products can provide some insight into what people put in their hair.

“With this study, and all this information about parabens and their effect on our bodies, potentially linked to an increased risk of cancer, we need to be careful not only about the hairstyles we choose, but also about the chemicals we’re using. uses,” Miggins said.

Relaxer is a popular hair product in the black community and is known for its harsh chemicals.

“We all grew up learning not to scratch our heads, not to do these things until you had the relaxer, to protect your ears,” Miggins said.

The product is used to straighten curly hair, but Miggins said the chemicals used in the product are not discussed enough.

“We never really heard of the chemicals,” Miggins said. “And I think we focused a lot initially on relaxers and whether or not they had lye in them, thinking that only the relaxers were the cause.”

Leola Coleman, professor of cosmetology at Del Mar College, has worked in the cosmetology industry since 1980. She has seen a big difference in the variety of products that are healthier for customers.

“Every day a new system is born, and every day the product is getting better and better,” Coleman said.

Whether you wear your hair straight, curly, natural or relaxed, people are advised to be careful of the chemicals used.

“To me, what’s really important to us is that we have to be conscientious consumers,” Miggins said. “We also need to do the things that we know are right, to take care of our health. This underscores the importance of cancer screenings.”

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