Top stories on product innovations in the APAC beauty space


1 – Amorepacific launches a new hyaluronic acid ingredient in the Laneige Waterbank range

K-beauty company Amorepacific has launched blue hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient it claims to be 2,000 times smaller, in the Laneige Waterbank line of skincare products.

Blue hyaluronic acid made its debut in February as a hero ingredient in Laneige’s Waterbank collection.

The launch comes at a time when skin hydration and barrier repair solutions are needed, given the changing environment and people’s lifestyles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 – Hassle-free beauty: Sanfe expands into skin and hair care to serve women at all stages of life

Indian personal care brand Sanfe recently launched a beauty brand with skin and hair care products as part of its latest push to become a “one stop shop” for beauty and personal care solutions.

The company launched Sanfe Beauty, a new product line consisting of skin, hair and body beauty products.

The company was “expanding its horizons” in beauty in an effort to live up to its vision of being a brand that can meet the needs of consumers of all age groups.

3 – Orbis aims to boost skincare by tapping into acne and men’s skincare

Japanese skincare brand Orbis aims to spark interest in skincare by expanding into emerging skincare segments such as acne care and men’s skincare after its disappointing results in 2021.

Pola Orbis said it expects Orbis sales to recover and grow about 5% for fiscal 2022.

To achieve this goal, the company said it will capitalize on the growing importance of skincare and target new opportunities in acne care and men’s skincare.

4 – The waterless beauty start-up is preparing for the return of international travel

A new waterless personal care brand from Singapore is eyeing opportunities in the travel and hospitality sector in anticipation of the return of international air travel.

The brand has developed a powder shower gel that activates with water to become a liquid gel. The powder is housed in recyclable foil pouches that can make a 330ml bottle of liquid shower gel.

The company is developing travel-centric products and has also been in talks with a few hotels to provide its amenities.

5 – BRAVE Essentials is eyeing the underserved men’s intimate hygiene category

Newly launched men’s personal care brand BRAVE Essentials is eyeing untapped opportunities in the men’s intimate care category in India.

The brand has launched a scrub and spray for the male genital area that can help with issues like odor, itching, and dryness.

With factors like the internet and social media, male consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about self-care.

Society is optimistic that taboos surrounding groin care will eventually be broken and drive demand for intimate care products for men.


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