The suspect stole thousands of goods from a beauty store i


Temple Police are looking for a suspect who received 5 fingers at a local beauty store in the area.

According to a Temple Police Department tweet, the man in the picture is accused of taking more than $ 1,900 worth of items from Ulta Beauty located on the southwest of HK Dodgen Loop.

Now, if you’ve spent any money on makeup and beauty products, you know they don’t come cheap! The first thing I thought about was, “I wonder how many items he actually ran away.” A good bottle of foundation can cost over $ 60, and those things add up quickly. The suspect can be seen with a bag and possibly a box of perfume.

The man is wearing a mask, so the Temple police need the help of the public to identify him. Anyone with information should call the TPD non-urgent number at 254-298-5500 or Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477. Police have not yet released any other details.

Like I said before, the technology is pretty advanced these days so I think it would be a deterrent for thieves. Unfortunately this is not the case, but with social media and such a clear photo, I think the police will find the person responsible.

Maybe this guy has really messed up his girlfriend and is trying to get back into good shape? Or maybe he knows makeup is expensive and is considering trying to resell the merchandise on the street. Either way, the time and fines he will face if caught are not worth it.

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