The Department of Veterans Affairs provides health services to those who served


LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – On Tuesday, the Department of Veterans Affairs helped organize a campaign event on presumptive conditions.

The department worked with Lawton Indian Health Service and Oklahoma’s Fort Sill Apache Tribe to organize the event.

They worked to help identify and assist Southwestern Oklahoma veterans who may be disabled by their military service and may be eligible for a VA pension.

Mary Culley said this effort is vital for veterans in our region, who may not know they might qualify.

“A lot of our American Indian veterans, and although we serve the highest men and women per capita, we are at the lowest in terms of VA health care, VA disability benefits,” Culley said. . “And a lot of it happens when you look at our history, when the federal government says no to you, you don’t try again, you just stop there. So we find a lot of our older veterans, who are asking for the disability they deserve to have for the first time, or we find a lot of widows who have never made a claim. “

Additionally, staff at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center have helped enroll veterans who have not yet enrolled in VA healthcare.

Veterans were also offered COVID and flu shots, as well as COVID booster shots.

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