Tayshia Adams shares her beauty routine plus fitness and self-care tips


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Whether you’ve grown accustomed to seeing Tayshia Adams on your television screen in the inimitable Bachelor franchise, saw her host the MTV Movie & TV Awards this summer, or followed her travels on social media, you know she’s a busy girl. She is always on the move. And the looks pulled together all the time. Which begs the question: what is his secret? Naturally, we asked. And surprise, surprise: there were *many* tips, tricks, and beauty products that helped the reality TV star get through the day.

On the skincare front, it’s easy, airy, thanks to a handful of multi-tasking serums and moisturizers. When it comes to hair? Volume and a damn good dry shampoo take center stage. Food and fitness are a balancing act. Think: regular workouts followed by blueberry pancakes. Here, Adams tells us about every moment of her day, from her morning dress-up ritual to her cozy evenings with a Colleen Hoover reading.

Rise and Shine

I’m actually a natural lifter. As soon as I start to see light in my room, I wake up naturally. But, my alarm goes off at 6:35. How did the five get there? I have no idea, but now it’s stuck and I can’t change it. I get out of bed and immediately put on a bathrobe. I love bathrobes. I like ugly ones that are just big and heavy. Then I grab my K-cup and brew a coffee maker in my Keurig.

Morning interview

In the morning, I am minimalist. I don’t use cleanser in the morning. If I put something on at night, like a retinol, I rinse my face and spray it with water. But if I just put on night cream or moisturizer, I won’t be cleaning my face – I just don’t think you need it.

If I go to work out, I put on a SkinCeuticals anti-blemish and anti-aging serum to help with breakouts and keep them at bay. Of course, I use my eye cream. Yes, I put on eye cream even when I’m about to go to practice. #7 has a really good Lift & Luminate eye cream that I love using. After that I put on sunscreen because I normally walk home from the gym and you need to protect your skin.

fitness solution

I’m huge on routine. I like to lift weights; I do this every Tuesday and Thursday. Do I know what to do in a gym? No, that’s why I have to have a trainer. Weightlifting defines the body in a different way. Right now, I think I’m squatting 135 lbs. My dumbbells oscillate between 20, 25 and 30. Yes, I go down. We are on a mission to build a butt. And I’ll tell you something: we really did that and I’m really proud of myself.

I also like to run, so I usually run either on Wednesdays or Saturdays. I run on the track instead of running along the West Side Highway in New York. Sunday, I don’t train. It’s a rest day. Monday? It depends on what I want to do. Sometimes yoga.

Electric start

If it’s during the week, I’ll drink a OWN protein shake. When I get home from practice, I’m going to have an almond milk matcha. But on the weekends, oh, you better believe I go to Sadelle or I go to Gray Dog and get blueberry pancakes. I do all. I really treat myself after the gym on a Saturday or Sunday. I’ll ham. At Sadelle I will also have the grapefruit cocktail, my pancakes, and a bit of tuna tartare. You just have to have it all.

signature look

First, you need to do your skincare; You still put on your serum and eye cream. But I’ll tell you right now, the game changer for me is No.7’s moisturizer which is also a sunscreen. Many people use it as a primer. I swear to you, it literally coats your face in this beautiful, soft and luxurious lotion. It almost makes your face look airbrushed. It primes and holds your makeup so well. It makes your skin poreless. It’s the first thing I do. Absolutely love it.

I’m a simple girl when it comes to makeup. During the week, I’m just going to put on concealer. I use my NARS concealer, my proven Georgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I have to have my mascara. I usually switch between two or three of them. Then I do my eyebrows, then my lip – you must have lipstick. I’m more of a nude-lip-slash-lip gloss type. I don’t really line my lips; In fact, I like to use a serum that plumps them up.

Self-care ritual

There are two things I like to do. A massage is always a good thing. But I also like to sit on my sofa and read. That’s when I’m able to relax for a second. My brain stops thinking – first, because I’m reading a book, and second, I’m able to sit down, relax, and give myself five to 10 minutes. I mean who doesn’t love a juicy little Colleen Hoover romance novel? I am currently reading bittersweet (opens in a new tab) and that’s really good.

Signature fragrance

Besides Baccarat 540, I have to go with Byredo’s Mojave Ghost.

Cheap but classy

I really love my Neutrogena body oil. I used to spend a lot of money on body oils, but this one is really good, especially if you want extra hydration after using a scrub. It smells divine, like a baby. me too still get Takis if I’m at the pharmacy.

beauty icon

Zoë Kravitz is gorgeous and I really like her skin. She is effortlessly beautiful. I also really like Jasmine Tookes. I love her because she is my age and we have the same complexion. She’s really good at posting about makeup and what she does for her skin. I love watching her for that.

Backup career

I always wanted to be a baby hug in the hospital. I really like babies. But, in fact, you know what? I would be an interior designer. I would have my own showroom, I would have my own properties and I would design them all. I like furniture and I like architecture. I’m always looking for something really clean and feminine. I like creams and touches of black, but also natural wood. I always say I’m like London boho-chic, if that makes sense to anyone.

Hair help

I have to put something in my hair right after I get out of the shower. I really like the leave-in conditioners from Ouia and Byredo. Then I use the Olaplex No. Six Bond Smoother, which I think has changed the game for my hair. I really highlight it on my baby hair in the front because I feel like that’s the part I blow out the most. Shampoo and conditioner – I love Living Proof. Do.

For volume, I use my Conair hair dryer to blow it out. For the front of my hair, I just started using rollers and this intense volume mist from this brand called AZ. It’s really, really good and it smells amazing. Oh my god, and their oil! Their whole line is amazing.

Oh, also obsessed with Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried every dry shampoo under the sun and this one is the best, especially for brunettes. It has the best clean scent and gives the best volume. Then one last thing: Davines has the best hairspray.

Afternoon routine

I have acne prone skin and I have very sensitive skin so I am very careful about the heavy things I put on my skin at night. I tend to run very dry in the city, so I focus on the humidity. I also try to help with dark spots and firmness and supple skin.

At night, I like to use my SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum. Then I go in with my #7 eye cream. I’m new to retinols so if I do this I’ll use No. 7’s Pure Retinol and follow up with their Retinol Smoother, which helps to not be so intense on my skin. If I don’t use retinol, I will use Dr. Zenovia. She has a very good spot treatment for all the blemishes I have. I like a good hyaluronic acid – SkinMedica has an HA5 which I will use. I really like the CEO of Sunday Riley, Glow or Good Genes. It really depends on what I need.


I usually don’t watch TV before bed. Sometimes I will watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I try not to stimulate my mind. I will drink Sakara’s detox tea (opens in a new tab) or Clevr has that Sleeptime Super Latte (opens in a new tab)– it knocks me out. They sent it to me in a care package a year ago and I’ve been buying it myself ever since. I always have to have this. It’s really healthy, very clean, it contains adaptogens and herbs for sleep. I also stretch before going to bed. I get a pajama set – I love pajama sets. Eberjay and Desmond & Dempsey have the best. Then I go to bed, read a book and fall asleep.

Discover Tayshia’s beauty routine


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