Tan France on his skincare routine and why he’s happy to cry more than ever now


Tan France is a beloved member of the Fab Five on weird eyea host on Next in fashion, the founder and creative director of the WAS HIM clothing line and a new father. If France is the fashion expert on weird eye, he also has an appreciation for beauty. As the season begins to change, France shares with us how he’s getting ready for fall, the supplements he takes daily, and his new dad.

Tell us a bit about your skincare routine.

“It’s honestly quite simple. I use Tata Harper Cleanser, Dr Barbara Sturm Glow Drops ($145) and BeautyBio Quench Moisturizer & Eye Cream ($99). And then, for the camera, I fill in a section of my forehead that has never grown out with an eyebrow pencil and curl my lashes more than they already are so my eyes look bright. That’s literally it.

How has becoming a father changed your outlook on life, if at all?

“It just made me a more emotional person. I cry more than ever, especially when it comes to children. I’m happy. I was a little too emotionally closed off before my son.

Your first love is, of course, fashion, so how do you think beauty and fashion overlap?

“I love fashion, but for a complete fashion moment, beauty is key. If beauty doesn’t match the overall aesthetic of the clothes, the look isn’t cohesive. So, beauty and fashion must overlap.

What’s your favorite way to get back on your feet before fall?

“For me, it’s about sorting through my closet, moving all my summer clothes to my storage room and swapping them out for my fall/winter. That’s got me excited for layering season.

Which OLLY supplements are essential in your routine?

“For me, it’s definitely OLLY Sleep ($14) and Laser Focus ($14). The Sleep Gummies really help me relax before bed, and the Laser Focus Gummies I take to really focus, especially when filming or recording content.

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