Summer Sale: Save 20% on Tula’s best-selling skincare products


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The skin is our largest organ, which is perhaps why it can sometimes seem so daunting to know which products to use. Plus, there are tons of options on the market touting different benefits, and not all of them will work for your skin in the end. But there’s also Tula, a shopper-favorite brand with science-backed, dermatologist-tested products packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients. And the best news? Right now you can save 20% during the brand’s sitewide summer sale using code HOWL20 at the register.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Tula was founded by a gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj. Dr. Raj knew about the varied benefits of probiotics and superfoods, so she decided to create a skincare line that took advantage of these ingredients, with both efficacy and safety in mind. Tula notes that “all formulas are based on extensive scientific research”, and that everything is not only dermatologist tested, but also tested for “stability, microbiology, irritation (safe for all skin types ), safety, toxicology, evaluation of clinical claims and more,” according to the brand.

Since its launch in 2014, Tula has developed a full line of skin care products. On the site, you’ll find daily moisturizers, sunscreens, tinted primers, face washes, and more. And while each product serves a different purpose, they have several things in common, like their promise not to clog pores and their inclusion of natural ingredients like pineapple, licorice, turmeric, and rosewater. Plus, Tula’s best-selling products are loved by beauty editors and shoppers alike, with thousands of five-star reviews.

A great day and night cream is essential in the fall and winter when the air is driest, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help in the summer, too. The day and night moisturizer promises to rejuvenate your skin for a “supple, plump” glow – and one of really simpleShopping editors Emily Belfiore put it to the test in hopes it would relieve the dryness around her nose, chin and forehead.

“Its lightweight formula quickly absorbed into my skin and left it feeling silky smooth,” she wrote. She confirmed that it “successfully targeted and corrected” every area, adding, “It really works from day to night; my skin doesn’t feel like it needs moisture anymore.”

Sometimes a simple moisturizer is all it takes to revitalize your skin, but when you’re trying to deal with dryness, there’s nothing worse than using a cream that leaves your skin oily and slimy. And that’s where Tula’s Advanced Hydration Body Moisturizer comes in. The cream contains yuzu and vitamin C and works to hydrate skin and leave “a natural, luminous glow that’s soft and supple, never greasy or sticky,” according to the brand.

“I’ve dealt with more sticky, greasy, butter-like body creams than I can count, and they always made it nearly impossible to put on clothes after showering,” the writer wrote. lifestyle Nina Huang after using the product for months. “Not so with Tula’s formula, which my skin absorbs almost immediately after application thanks to its Greek yogurt-like consistency. The body moisturizer isn’t too heavy yet, even on warmer, slightly humid days.”

If you’ve just learned the ropes of skincare and aren’t yet sure how to establish a proper routine, Tula has you covered with its best-selling 5-piece Essentials Kit. The kit includes a face wash, toner, illuminating serum, and the 24-7 Hydrating Day and Night Cream that Emily reviewed. Best of all, all of the products are travel-size and fit in a Tula cosmetic bag, so you can just pack it in your luggage and go.

“I’ve been looking for a quality skincare routine for a long time. I found this in Tula,” one five-star reviewer shared. They added that their “skin has never felt so soft” and that they are “looking forward” to their new skincare routine.

Pick up your Tula favorites, try new products, or finally establish your first full skincare routine while the 20% off sale is on until July 15th. Just be sure to use the code HOWL20 to account for these savings. And to help you decide which clean, ingredient-rich products to add to your rotation, we’ve put together a list of Tula’s best-selling products, loved by beauty shoppers and writers alike.


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