Raley’s transforms a California store into its second ONE Market


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  • Raley has finished converting a store in El Dorado Hills, Calif., in its ONE Market format focused on healthy foods, the grocery chain announced. The redesigned store, which opened on Saturday April 17, after closing April 12-16, is the first time that an existing Raley location has been transformed into a new format.
  • The newly remodeled location, which is Raley’s second ONE Market, includes a natural beauty store within a store stocked with health and beauty products made without artificial preservatives, hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free and Rainforest Alliance certified.
  • Raley’s plans to open additional ONE stores as part of a multi-year campaign to market itself as a health-focused food retailer.

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The new ONE Marketplace represents Raley’s effort to make health and wellness more a priority in its stores and across its product lineup.

The newly converted 39,000 square foot store features what the grocer describes as a “highly organized” line of fresh, nutritious, minimally processed and sustainably sourced items. Many of the store’s products, located just a few miles from a Whole Foods Market, are also organic.

Raley’s also pointed out that ONE Marketplace items do not contain ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup; artificial preservatives, flavors and sweeteners; and hydrogenated fats and oils. Additionally, the store includes a cafe with coffee from local coffee vendor Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, an organic juice bar, and ready-made meals like sushi made from 100% sustainable seafood.

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Like Raley’s first ONE Marketplace, which opened last June in Truckee, Calif., the new store offers educational programs, tours, nutritional coaching and other services led by a registered dietitian. Raley’s has linked its free nutrition services to its loyalty program called Something more.

Raley’s also plans to convert an existing store in Reno, Nevada, to a ONE Marketplace, with the goal of reopening on May 1. The grocer is also building a new ONE Market in Roseville, Calif., And plans to open it. Next spring.

In a statement, Raley’s president and CEO Keith Knopf said the grocer plans to convert additional stores to ONE Markets, but did not provide further details. “The pace of transformation will be guided by our goal and aligned with customer preferences” Knopf said. “It’s the spirit, it is our intention to be ahead of the consumer curve and inform customer choice through a commitment to education and transparency. ”

The expansion of the ONE Market format is linked to the grocery company’s efforts to focus on strengthening its health-conscious image. In recent years, Raley’s has taken steps to remove sugary sodas from its private label product line, phase out tobacco products, and launch in-store and online icons to increase the transparency of healthy products. In February, Raley’s unveiled plans to sponsor a food lab within the [email protected] incubator in Woodland, Calif., which will allow the grocery chain to develop and test new products that it could potentially bring to its stores.

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