Puzzle Pieces announces targeted mental health counseling for people with disabilities


Puzzle Pieces will soon be offering targeted mental health counseling to people with disabilities, as well as their parents, siblings, caregivers and loved ones. Officials at the nonprofit said consulting professionals would work with the Puzzle Pieces team to deliver a specialized and comprehensive service that is the first of its kind in Kentucky.

“Since opening Puzzle Pieces nine years ago, my team has always listened to the needs of our customers, their families and the community,” said Amanda Owen, Managing Director of Puzzle Pieces. “We continue to do this as we move forward with mental health counseling services. We have seen the urgent need for this in our clients and their families and we want to do everything in our power to continue to serve them and provide services that make a difference.

Counseling professionals will work directly with people with disabilities, as well as in special groups with the person and their family. In addition, a sibling support group will be offered to meet the unique needs of siblings with disabilities.

“We are delighted to have a therapist to work directly with our team of experts to support people with disabilities,” said Owen. “This advisor will learn strategic support from professionals in our organization, which will provide a holistic approach and global impact. “

Mental health counseling is in high demand across the country, and organizations in the greater Owensboro area have gone the extra mile over the past year to make sure people are aware of local services.

“While there are specific concentrations of counseling in mental health for families and couples, addictions and substance abuse, trauma and abuse, there is – to our knowledge and research – no emphasis. on intellectual disabilities, “according to a statement from Puzzle Pieces. “But we want to change that.”

Puzzle Pieces will accept insurance companies such as Kentucky’s Choices and WellCare, and other private insurance will be accepted in the future.

Consulting services will not be limited to Puzzle Pieces customers only. This service will be open to any family raising a child / adult with a disability. The nonprofit team plans to eventually open this service in a telehealth format to serve families across the Commonwealth.

Puzzle Pieces is currently accepting referrals for mental health services and will announce a director for this program in the near future.

Anyone interested in joining the waiting list for mental health services through Puzzle Pieces should fill in this form.

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