Paulina Porizkova Loves This “Delightfully Lightweight” SPF For Summer

  • Paulina Porizkova shared her must-have daily SPF.
  • She loves Beauty Pie’s ‘delightfully light’ Ultralight Daily SPF 30.
  • She also shared the rest of her summer skincare routine.

Whether Paulina Porizkova cares enough about a skincare product to share it on Instagram, we want to participate. That’s because the former model spends most of her time online discussing more important matters, like ageismthe pitfalls of comparisonand she thoughts on Botox. So when she wants to talk shopping, her recommendations are serious. In a new positionthe 57-year-old shared her summer skincare routine, and specifically, the “delightfully light” SPF she loves: Beauty Pie’s Ultralight Daily SPF 30.

Beauty Pie Ultralight Daily SPF 30

“One of the most important things you can do [for] yourself in the summer – of course in the summer, but really all year round – is your FPS,” she says in the video. After applying the mark Youthbomb Serum (a name she said she doesn’t like, for obvious reasons) and Superactive Vitamin C capsules, the actress applies a generous amount of sunscreen. It has a bit of a white cast to start with, she mentions, but that quickly absorbs into the skin to leave a radiant glow.

“He protects [the skin] to have more wrinkles,” she laughs. “Because I feel like while I really enjoy my wrinkles – they’re there for a reason because I’m 57 – I don’t need to speed up the process, is it not?”

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According to the brand’s website, it’s a pore-blurring mineral formula that’s infused with antioxidant vitamin E, green tea, and aloe vera, plus plumping peptides that seal in moisture without feeling of heaviness or greasy. The best part of all? It’s only $17.

“This has a nice lightweight moisturizing texture. Works well over a day cream, but you can definitely use it on its own if your skin is oilier or you’re just pressed for time,” wrote one reviewer. loved this product and would order again and again. It worked well under foundation and provided SPF while being lightweight, non-greasy, and non-irritating for my sensitive-prone skin,” adds another.

“I’ve tried many SPFs and have to say it’s a joy to use. My skin is combination, acne prone and sensitive,” someone else wrote.

Porizkova’s entire line consists of products from Beauty Pie, a subscription brand for which she is an ambassador. The service is super unique in that it promises low prices with no retail markup because the products are sourced and delivered directly from beauty labs. A annual membership $59 provides access to regular restocks that won’t break the bank, which is why Porizkova is such a big fan.

Shop the rest of her skincare routine below:

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Beauty Pie Superdrops™ Flash Face Lift
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