Jennifer Garner recommends 2 Neutrogena products


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“Do you want to change your skin? There are two things: there’s retinol and there’s hyaluronic acid — and those two things will actually fundamentally change your skin,” explained Garner, a longtime Neutrogena ambassador. . Formulated with the aforementioned hyaluronic acid and glycerin, Hydro Boost Water Gel draws moisture into the skin for a plumper, fresher complexion. The water-based moisturizer has a gel-like texture that makes it easy to apply smoothly under makeup. It even has a cooling sensation and can be used whenever you want to add hydration and smoothness to your skin.

“I think we should all be okay with our skin, but I don’t think that means we don’t want to make it as beautiful and shiny as possible,” Garner said. “I love Hydro Boost, but not without using healthy retinol as well.” The star ingredient in her nighttime brightening pick, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Oil, is of course retinol, which promotes cell turnover to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This particular formula uses 0.3% pure retinol for anti-aging benefits, and it’s a really affordable retinol option at just $18 right now.

In honor of Jen’s birthday, take a page from her book and be nice, smile big, and do your best to take care of your skin; his two Neutrogena favorites are a great place to start. Buy Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and Rapid Wrinkle Repair Oil on Amazon while they are both still on sale.


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