How to avoid having failed eyebrows


Although many stars are trying to bring back thin eyebrows, according to Pinterest, the microblading trend isn’t going anywhere in 2022. People are turning to defined eyebrows that look natural.

Experts in permanent makeup, KB Proshared with HELLO ! UNITED STATES their analysis of how searches for “natural microblading eyebrows” have increased 285% on Pinterest since the end of 2021, and 87% for “eyebrow tattoos”.

The insight from the experts also led to several suggestions on everything you need to know before heading into your treatment.

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How it works?

We are not all blessed with eyebrows as naturally shaped as Cara Delivigné or Lily Collins, so microblading is the next step to the brow salon look. Eyebrow tattoos, aka microblading, have done away with time-consuming daily brow filling.

The top model Cara Delevigne has a make-up inspired by los 70 con sombras metalizadas de color©@lisaeldridgemakeup

What is microblading?

KB Pro explains that microblading is the name given to a permanent makeup technique that involves using a microblading tool to create tiny precision hair strokes by hand, mimicking the natural direction and lengths of your eyebrows. The pigments are then implanted into the channels created by the microblades in the dermal layer of the skin. The sensation is similar to a small scratch, but you shouldn’t feel any discomfort.

Find a professional

A woman was completely devastated when she went to a makeup artist for a microblading treatment. She has since racked up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok for the accident and warned all beauty lovers to leave their brows to the professionals after microblading went completely wrong.

The microblading experts at KP Pro agree that you should always leave these types of treatments to professionals with high quality training. After all, you don’t want to ruin them.

A permanent makeup artist will be able to use their brow mapping skills to create the perfect brows for each client, taking into account facial shape and structure, expression and movement. This is an integral part of the professional training that KB Pro students receive.

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