Hire professionals for the beauty of your skin, Adurojaiye urges Nigerians


Despite the proliferation of quack skin beauticians, Medas Botanics Senior Formulator and CEO Gladys Adurojaiye advised Nigerians to always hire professionals.

Adurojaiye said the level of quacks in the skin beauty industry is rising rapidly. Many Nigerians who patronize them have looked back with regret at the possible damage to their skin, but there are still some who have positioned themselves as professionals in the industry.

“It is better in the long term to use the services of professionals even if it may cost more. Today we stand tall, we have built a trusted brand in the skin beauty industry in Nigeria,” she said.

According to her, Meda Botanics is a natural skincare brand that focuses on improving and maintaining women’s natural complexion.
She explained that Meda Botanics entered the beauty space to make a difference after successfully formulating a wide range of products to help rejuvenate, nourish and keep skin glowing without bleaching it.

According to her, Medas Botanics started with one goal, which is to bring healthy, glowing skin to people who are health conscious about their skin.
She said: “I started dreaming of producing herbal skincare products as early as 2006. I remember using a product introduced by a friend that damaged my skin after about a month of use. The result made me lose confidence in myself.
I lost my self esteem and swore to myself that I would never try this again.

She revealed that this unpleasant experience inspired her to search for a skincare brand that would simply improve her skin without bleaching or damaging it. Her search led her to create her own beauty brand known as Medas Botanics.

Describing the company’s brand offering, the skin expert notes that
Medas Botanics is a safe and affordable skincare brand for everyone, as its product line targets beauty conscious people in different age groups and has formulated products for children and adults.

“We have a wide range of skin beauty products from treatment to maintenance. Some of them include,
facial glow to help treat acne, clear glow for those with hyperpigmentation, plump glow for dry and sensitive skin, sheer glow to maintain natural skin tone, tomato extract based skin nutrient for a natural complexion, among others,” she noted.

Beyond the profit, the skin expert says her moment of joy is the privilege of creating employment for many young women and helping reduce quacks.

Adurojaiye said that many people are interested in starting a skin beauty business but don’t know how to go about it. For some it’s the huge capital involved and for some it’s the stress involved. At Medas Botanics we can help you turn your dream into reality and we are here to help and guide you in starting that business with little to no money.

While highlighting how to become a wholesaler, Adurojaiye said that you can buy Medas products in bulk at a discounted rate and sell at retail price and earn enough money to expand the business.

“You can buy any of the Medas products as a base product in large quantities and customize to your liking by adding fragrance and other ingredients, repackage on smaller containers, add your label and sell. We can also help you formulate the products according to your choice, package them in containers and even affix your label. Just send us your specs and logo design and leave everything else to us.

“We have a formulation school here where we teach you everything you need to know about formulating any skincare product that interests you at an affordable price.

“You can dropship for us by marketing our products to a third party, we will deliver to your customers and you will earn your commission on the product. And you can do it without leaving the comfort of your home.

“You can follow any of the above steps and start your skin care business. Once launched, you can market the products to your target audience of healthy skin lovers and you can rest assured that these products will work well to target your skin’s needs and give you a healthy, glowing complexion in your natural skin tone. This will eliminate any challenges you may have in maintaining and growing your business,” she said.

She further explained that before venturing into a skincare business, you need to decide on the audience you will be serving. This will help you craft your message to attract only the right target audience to your business.

Another thing you need to do is make sure your business is properly registered with the right authority and open a business account to operate your business. It helps build trust and business
You might decide to leave your room and grow. The skincare business is really easy to start and looks good if you have the right solutions.


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