Healing Minds opens second location for mental health services


Healing Minds, Northern Nevada’s leading mental health clinic, announced the addition of a second location in Reno. The announcement took place during a groundbreaking ceremony at the new location on June 11, 2022.

The Healing Minds management team inaugurates its new location. Left to right: Brian Wallace, Statewide CDC Lending; Jessica Feldman, Clinical Director; Lisa Foley, CEO/Founder; Leigh Miller, Clinic Director; Nick Clark, DBT Specialist; Richard Eisenhauer, Director of Operations

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the Healing Minds leadership team consisting of CEO/Founder, Lisa Foley, and Clinic Director, Leigh Miller, in addition to Clinical Director, Jessica Feldman; Dialectical behavior therapy expert, Nick Clark; and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Eisenhauer. They were joined by their community partner, Brian Wallace of Statewide CDC Lending.

“This occasion marks an important milestone for mental health care in Northern Nevada,” Foley said. “Our goal is to bring healing and stability to every member of our community, and this new clinic is a big step towards that goal.”

Healing Mind’s new location will be on Reno Corporate Drive across from the new Sierra Medical Center. The second Healing Minds site will operate solely as a Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, center.

DBT is an evidence-based form of cognitive behavioral therapy that attempts to identify and change negative thought patterns and pushes for positive behavior changes. Originally designed to treat people with suicidal behavior and borderline personality disorder, it has been adapted for other common mental health issues including depression, anxiety and anger.

The practice uses a variety of methods to help patients achieve their own definition of a “life worth living,” including mindfulness practice and professional training courses.

“We believe very strongly in dialectical behavior therapy,” Foley said. “It is one of the most effective and versatile forms of therapy currently available, and we believe this new center will allow us to continue to provide the high quality care that so many people in our community need.

The new site is expected to open in early 2023.

Healing Minds continues to lead the way in mental health in Northern Nevada. They employ a dedicated team of counselors and therapists in Reno, NV who share a deep commitment to helping individuals and families rebuild and improve their lives. Their team offers a range of services to address mental health issues, including individual therapy, group therapy, DBT, family counseling and teletherapy. Healing Minds believe that everyone can benefit from therapy and their mission is to become a resource for mental health and community stability.

For more information, visit HealingMinds.com


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