Guernsey and Noble counties receive funding for community projects


Guernsey County Region is set to receive $1,540,000 for six community projects under the capital budget, while Noble County will receive $355,000 for three projects.

Money from Ohio’s capital budget is allocated every two years. Representatives and senators from across the state are vying for local projects.

The Savages

The Wilds will receive $900,000 for The Wilds RV park and campground and an additional $100,000 for upgrades to The Wilds shade and shelter.

The Wilds, who received $2.2 million Economic Development Administration grant via U.S. bailout funding to build a 60-acre RV park and campground, previously reported additional state funding would allow the nonprofit conservation center profit to build a second toilet and shower room, a camping store, a picnic pavilion and several sports fields.

Details on The Wilds shade and cover upgrades were not available.

The Wilds will receive $900,000 for The Wilds RV park and campground and an additional $100,000 for upgrades to The Wilds shade and shelter.

Salt Fork State Park

Salt Fork is set to receive $50,000 for trail improvements. No information regarding the improvements was available.

Patriots Park

Patriots Park will receive $90,000. Byesville Village Administrator Brennan Dudley said without this funding, the village would not be able to move forward with the project to revitalize the town square into a park to honor veterans and first stakeholders, and provide village residents with a community concert/gathering site.

Dudley said residents can expect to see work on the project begin soon and be completed in the spring. The funding covers the cost of the project, except for about $10,000, for which the village is soliciting donations.

Ohio Hills Quaker City Health Center

Jan Chambers, director of Outreach for Ohio Hills Health Services, said $100,000 would allow them to upgrade the Quaker City Health Center, which was once a home.

Chambers said things like automatic door openers, parking closer to the entrance and an elevator would make it easier and safer for patients and staff.

There are also plans to set up a decided telehealth room to help increase health care in an underserved area.

The total cost of the project is $209,000. The additional $109,000 will be paid by Ohio Hills Health Services.

Building at the exhibition center

Guernsey County Fairgrounds Board will receive $300,000 to build a new 148 by 80ft multipurpose building at the Guernsey County Exhibition Centre. The project is estimated at $1 million.

Currently, the council has $110,000 for the project. Fair Board Chairman Josh Stiers said the funding will help move the project forward.

noble county

Noble County is set to receive $355,000 for Noble County Heritage Park, Caldwell Walking Track and Caldwell Running Track.

Noble County Commissioner Brad Peoples said

the main projects for the park will be the resurfacing of the tennis and basketball courts as well as new lighting and increased accessibility.

Peoples said if he gets the go-ahead, work could start this summer and hopefully be finished by the start of the school year.

Caldwell Mayor Misty Wells said the $55,000 for the walking track would be used to expand the track and add outdoor fitness equipment. The project, estimated at nearly $140,000, would involve widening the track to make it more accessible to the ADA, making room for bikes, and lengthening it a bit.

The Village of Caldwell has partnered with Jobs and Family Services, the Developmentally Disabled Board, and the Department of Health to add ADA accessible exercise equipment to the trail.

Caldwell is also receiving $55,000 for lights around the fairgrounds horse track.

“For Noble County, we were again funded significantly,” Wells said. “It’s been good. We’ve worked on a lot of quality of life projects.”


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