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Dry skin can cause problems even in summer.

Many may think now might not be the right time of year to talk about dry skin and moisturizers. They are usually associated with the winter months. However, also during the summer months our skin can become very dry. You might be wondering how. Well, the summer sun can absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Then, excessive use of air conditioners also contributes to dry out our skin. Therefore, what is needed is a good moisturizer, which is not sticky and greasy and which, at the same time, deeply hydrates the skin.

A number of top brands offer moisturizers specifically designed for dry skin. Many of them are enriched with hyaluronic acid, almonds and aloe vera, which all help to make the skin soft and supple.

Amazon has a number of well-known brands listed which can be very beneficial in dealing with the problem of dry skin. From Vaseline, Nivea to Dove, you can bank them to give you the results you want. We have compiled a list of such products that you will find at your fingertips. See them here.

Prices for moisturizers at a glance:

Product Price
Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion 268.00
5% Minimalist Marula Oil Facial Moisturizer for Dry Skin 299.00
Nivea Lotion for very dry skin 301.00
Plum Hello Moisturizer 352.00
Dove Body Lotion 297.00

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion

This daily moisturizer is ideal for dry skin. It is designed to give non-greasy and glowing skin. It is enriched with Glycerin, which helps to deeply hydrate the skin. It also contains Vaseline Jelly which is known to lock in moisture to your skin. It penetrates five layers deep into the skin and absorbs quickly.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Lotion 400ml, daily moisturizer for dry skin, leaves skin non-greasy and glowing – for men and women


Rs 280

349 rupees

5% Minimalist Marula Oil Facial Moisturizer for Dry Skin

This moisturizer contains 5% marula oil which softens, nourishes and revitalizes the skin. It has a high content of omega-9 fatty acids with antioxidant properties. It contains several moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, saccharide isomerate and glycerin. Together, they work their magic on the skin to make it soft and supple. It also contains vitamin F and vitamin E which help repair dry, sensitive, mature and damaged skin.

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Minimalist Marula Oil 5% Facial Moisturizer for Dry Skin with Hyaluronic Acid for Deep Nourishment and Hydration, for Men and Women

299 rupees

Nivea Lotion for very dry skin

This Nivea cream is specially formulated for very dry skin. It is a nourishing body milk. It’s made with a deep hydrating serum formula that keeps skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. It works to reduce the roughness of the skin; its nourishing Almond oil repairs very dry skin. It is a unisex product and can be used by both men and women.

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NIVEA Nourishing Lotion Body milk with almond oil for very dry skin, for men and women, 600 ml


351 rupees

499 rupees

Plum Hello Moisturizer

This moisturizer from Plum is for dry and sensitive skin. It is so formulated to keep your body intensely nourished and hydrated. It contains organic aloe juice, vitamin E and relaxing natural oils. Its vitamin E and antioxidants make it even richer in nutrients and make the skin glow not only from the outside, but from its deepest core.

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Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer | For dry and very dry skin | Moisturizes the skin | Aloe Vera | 100% Vegan | Paraben Free | 60ml


352 rupees


Dove Body Lotion

This lotion works its magic on dry skin by providing 48-hour hydration. It is enriched with a herbal moisturizer. This product is particularly known for its elasticizing quality which makes the skin healthy and supple. It also comes with ‘Nutri Duo’ ingredient which gives soft and plump skin. It is paraben free and therefore safe for the skin.

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Dove Body Love Supple Bounce Body Lotion For Dry Skin 48 Hour Hydration, Paraben Free, With Plant Based Moisturizer, For Supple Healthy Skin 400ml


Rs 297.5


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