Five do’s and don’ts for healthy skin


Take a moment to think about how many different products and brands you use on your skin on a daily basis. Most of us are guilty of using all kinds of products without thinking about the impact they have on our skin health.

To help you adopt healthier habits, Diva Eco shared the dos and don’ts of skin health:

  1. DON’T mix and match brands as this can cause skin irritation. It’s like mixing drinks when you go out with friends. If you drink a cocktail, a tequila, a brandy, a country glass and a beer, the evening is not going to end well. The same applies to the skin. Be a ‘tequila & soda’ girl with your skincare.
  2. DON’T go to bed with makeup on. It’s no secret, and yet we tend to skip the all-important makeup removal process after a late night out. Your skin needs sleep time to rejuvenate and recover, so give it the best possible chance to do so by following your bedtime skincare routine.
  3. DO find a brand you like that works for you and stick with it. Follow the golden rule: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  4. DO ensuring ingredients and formulations are of the highest quality and as natural as possible. If your skin is nourished with the right nutrients, it will naturally balance its pH and heal itself perfectly on a daily basis. Using astringent soaps, products containing harsh chemicals, preservatives, heavy metals or phthalates removes the acid mantle and can leave your skin susceptible to fungal or bacterial infections or severe skin irritation.
  5. DO choose products that match your moral and ethical values. Look for cruelty-free, clean, and nature-based brands that will not only do wonders for your skin, but for the earth as well.


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