Diwali: 5 tips to protect hair from air pollution


While everyone is busy celebrating the Festival of Lights with candy and firecrackers, there’s a huge setback your hair could suffer this festive season. Temporary pollutants in the environment at this time can lead to the increase of greenhouse gases which negatively affect hair health. So here we reveal some tips to protect hair from damage caused by pollution.

It is practically impossible to avoid pollution after Diwali, however, there is always a way to protect yourself.

Follow these 5 tips to protect your hair from pollution this Diwali:

1. Hair protection is a must

The first and most important thing is hair protection with a hat or cover your hair with a scarf. It may sound weird, but here’s why it’s necessary.
Exposure to particulate matter (PM), nickel, lead and arsenic can lead to a condition called “sensitive scalp syndrome” which can occur when these PM are deposited on the scalp and in the hair shaft. This leads to common symptoms of burning, tingling, dry scalp, vague scalp discomfort and/or scalp paresthesia. A steam bath station Diwali celebration It is essential to get rid of body particles as well as hair, but remember not to leave the house with wet hair.

Yes, pollution damages hair. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Moisture retention

During this festival, it is very common for the scalp and hair to become dry and lifeless. Massaging with warm oil to improve circulation to the scalp and applying this oil to the ends of the strands will form a protective layer over the hair shafts so that the particles settle on the skin and layers of the scalp . This material decreases protein levels, especially keratin production in follicles and cells. You can also try applying a protective serum to prevent damage.

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3. Feed your hair follicles

Although choosing the right hairstyles is one way to protect your hair from firecrackers (eg styling your hair in buns and braids), but if you really need to nourish your hair for good hair growth and protect hair from air pollution, you need antioxidant supplements. Collagen supplements can help you not only reverse particle damage, but also improve hair quality and growth.

4. Hydrate

Finally, but above all, it is necessary to drink enough water or eat foods that contain a lot of water. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat a healthy high protein diet, keep stress away and enjoy your Diwali to the fullest.

tips to protect hair
Control hair problems by completely hydrating them. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Balance your sugar levels

Sweets during Diwali are obvious, but maintaining a balance is ideal as excess sugar damages gut bacteria and causes hair loss as a side effect.

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali from Health Shots!


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