Cosmetic surgeon shares tips on how to keep your skin plump and healthy


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  • As we age, our skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity.
  • But there are things we can do to slow down this process and help our skin stay plump.
  • Dr. Des Fernandes shares tips for staying healthy and the things we should avoid.

It’s common for people to start thinking about skincare later in life when we start to see the effects of aging. However, the founder of South African skincare brand Environ, Dr Des Fernandes, explains that we start losing collagen around the age of 18 or 19.

“And then the first effects that you start to notice around age 29, little fine wrinkles develop. But at the same time, from age 30, you also start losing fat. Partly because of the damage, but also part of this natural process where you deflate the skin, you lose the bone,” says Dr. Des.

“So from around 30 years old, you have to start compensating for this loss of hyaluronic acid, the loss of fat, and then also the loss of collagen.

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There are several things you should start doing to keep your skin looking plump and healthy.

Dr Des says the most important thing people don’t know is that their vitamin A is destroyed every day they go out into the light – even on cloudy days.

“You can walk in the shade with the light reflecting on you, and you’re still destroying your vitamin A, of course, to varying degrees,” says Dr. Des.

“So we have to put that vitamin A back in because that vitamin A is a controller of cellular health. It controls the functioning of DNA. That’s why we have to provide that every day and the antioxidants; these are such important things. “

There were many secrets about aging that Dr. Des shared that I was unaware of, which made me wonder, what else are we doing to our skin that we shouldn’t? And what are the things we should have a head start on from an early age?

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Things you should stop doing:

Over-exfoliate the skin

“The first thing I think people can go wrong with is exfoliation. People were kind of taught that you had to exfoliate because the skin shouldn’t have its layer of dead cells” , explains Dr. Des.

“These are people who don’t understand that the skin is supposed to have a layer of dead cells, because that’s your barrier against the atmosphere, against oxygen.”

He explains that the air would be toxic to our bare skin because these cells work with a much lower level of oxygen than the oxygen in the air.

“That’s why we have the lungs there to get enough oxygen from the air, to get it into the blood at concentrations that the tissues can use. So you have to have a good thick outer layer of what dead cells are called. . And the way you make a healthy outer layer of them is with vitamin A.”

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Use soap in the morning

“The second thing is that a lot of people wash their skin too often. I think what we should do is at the end of the day when we come home, we have to get rid of the grime on our face that we have accumulated during the day. We need to cleanse the skin, certainly in the evening,” says Dr. Des.

“But when you wake up in the morning you’re not wearing makeup, you shouldn’t have. And the other thing is you haven’t messed up your skin. So we just need water to treat our skins in the morning to refresh. That’s all. We don’t need soaps. And I advise people against using soaps in the morning.

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