CLT Hidden Gems: BlackBalled Beauty Supply & Salon


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina. – Alexandra Elich visits WCCB Charlotte BlackBalled beauty salon and beauty products.

When you are feeling beautiful and confident, let’s be honest, you are walking a little higher and feeling unstoppable. But when the global pandemic closed salons, hairstylist Chardai Tisdale said she didn’t know how to help her clients feel beautiful.

“During Covid, a lot of my clients couldn’t take care of their hair, just like telling them you have to order this, that and the third on Amazon or trying to go to the beauty store when they were open,” Tisdale says.

Tisdale and her partner, Ricky Rainer, noticed that customers couldn’t find the products they needed.

“You can go to the target; you can go to Walgreens. They may not have what is needed for your hair. My clients wear their natural hair; they wear weavings; we’re so versatile, so they need more than a certain type of product.

Tisdale always wanted to have a beauty store, so she and Rainer chose it.

“It was a fight. It was easy to get to the store; it was easy to build my living room because I always had a living room mostly that I worked in or owned. The hard part was getting the different suppliers to address each other.

Despite the obstacles, the couple moved forward. In February, they opened BlackBalled beauty salon and beauty products on Ayrsley Town Blvd.

“The name BlackBalled Beauty means not to be included in the beauty industry. We opened the Blackballed Beauty Store so we can educate black people about their hair. “

Tisdale says they offer locally owned and black hair products. They buy products directly and sell them, where other stores might operate depending on how many products you sell. They tell the WCCB that they want to support other small businesses as much as possible and create a sanctuary for black women to feel comfortable and part of a community.


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