CloudMD Adds Comprehensive Health and Wellness Coaching to Its Proprietary Integrated Health Services Platform


  • CloudMD has created program offerings for the Total Group Benefits category of group benefits that provide comprehensive care while monitoring and reporting symptom improvement.

  • In 6 months, more than a quarter of a million people have been integrated on the integrated platform, receiving personalized care with a net promoter satisfaction score of 78%.

  • The platform combines exclusive online assessment and personalized care – with 88% of individuals showing improvement.

  • Real-time data analysis provides insight into individuals’ health journeys and a just-in-time approach to dynamically adjust treatment.

  • Employers have full visibility into the progress of anonymous users through an interactive dashboard, enabling better decision making on the design of the group benefits program.

  • Businesses Adopt CloudMD’s Revolutionary, Evidence-Based Integrated Platform It Creates Engagement and Ability to Measure Health Outcomes, Driving Accelerated Return to Operation.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, October 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CloudMD Software & Services Inc. (TSXV: DOC, OTC: DOCRF, Frankfurt: 6PH) (the “Society” Where “CloudMD“), a healthcare technology company transforming the delivery of care, is excited to announce that it has added comprehensive and enhanced health and wellness coaching services to its first healthcare platform. Industry-exclusive integrated health services. This platform uses health coaches and technology to create engagement with a focus on ongoing support for prevention, intervention and return to function. also one of the only platforms that offers the user tools and treatments for work, occasional absences and disability.

CloudMD is committed to helping individuals understand health issues with an emphasis on engagement and the ability to support through prevention, intervention and return to function. Employers are now working to ensure that individuals have access to group benefits that move from self-selection to full-service boating. The Integrated Health Services Platform enables individuals to easily access the widest range of digital health and wellness services through actively guided journeys by nurse navigators and / or health nurse trainers and well-being. This revolutionary platform sets itself apart with engagement workflow and supporting healthcare analytics. The platform connects individuals with all of their health and wellness needs by providing cutting-edge services including primary care, access to specialists, navigation through complex care, assessment risks to mental health, mental health services, employee assistance programs (“EAP»), Occupational health services, learning / education, provider search, remote testing services and much more through a single platform. Fueled by many of CloudMD’s proprietary and wholly owned technology assets and its multidisciplinary team, the platform offers a holistic, team-based approach that translates into better access to care and improved outcomes. Since the launch of the integrated health services platform (see press release here) in April 2021, more than a quarter of a million people already have access to the platform and benefit from personalized navigation and care.

Early data from the company shows that once individuals have had a successful coaching experience, they tend to reconnect with the coach as a trusted resource for ongoing support. The impact of the program is showing positive results with examples where 91% of reassessed individuals with depression show improvement and 89% of reassessed individuals with anxiety showing improvement in symptoms.

Karen Adams, President of CloudMD commented, “We are committed to improving the recovery of people with mental and physical health problems.. Organizations ensure that employees receive benefits that can provide better health outcomes and return to duty. We are proud to have built a comprehensive platform with predictive analytics capable of tracking health outcomes, adjusting treatment and focusing on return to function using our connected care technology. Employers are able to ensure that employee benefit programs contain the right expense and access to address the issues that allow individuals and businesses to thrive. “

Many people with mental health problems are prevented from seeking treatment due to stigma. In addition, not all mental health problems require psychotherapeutic treatment or psychoactive drugs. Often, a personalized mental wellness coaching relationship can effectively address work stress, mild to moderate depression, social discomfort, irritability, sleep disturbances, or other mental health symptoms. CloudMD’s preventative and action-oriented coaching service provides individuals with the support they need to stay productive and engaged through the ups and downs of everyday life. Talking to a coach can be an important first step in getting the help someone needs. Like physical health care pathways, it is helpful to provide access to personalized mental health care pathways that are evidence-based but do not over-treat or under-treat. Individualized coaching in mental well-being is an essential first step in a care path organized by stages.

Karen adams added, “For many people, a mental health action plan that addresses the immediate and specific circumstances combined with the support of a qualified trainer is all they need to move forward. Advances like this can also break the grip of a mental health issue, prevent a person from slipping into a disorder and it can also be very important for those who need help preparing to commit. in therapy. This is one aspect of our comprehensive health and wellness coaching services that has been designed as an effective and supportive gateway for individuals to access the services they need.

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About Cloud® Software and Services

CloudMD is transforming healthcare delivery using technology and delivering a patient-centered approach, with an emphasis on continuity of care. By leveraging healthcare technology, the company is building a connected platform that addresses all points of a patient’s care journey and provides better access to care and better outcomes. Using CloudMD’s proprietary technology, the company provides quality healthcare through a holistic offering including hybrid primary care clinics, specialty care, telemedicine, mental health support, healthcare navigation , educational resources and artificial intelligence (AI). The Enterprise Health Solutions division of CloudMD includes the leading student assistance program and one of the top 4 employee assistance programs in Canada and offers a complete, digitally connected platform for educational institutions, businesses, to insurers and advisers in order to better manage the health and well-being of their students. , employees and customers.

CloudMD currently serves a combined ecosystem of over 7,000 psychiatrists, approximately 4,500 therapists and counselors, approximately 4,000 psychologists, over 22,000 family physicians, over 34,000 medical specialists, over 1,500 allied health professionals, over 500 clinics and over 5 million people in North America. For more information visit:


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