Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is an icon, and here’s why


There are few beauty marks who do it as “well” as Clarins. With skincare, makeup and fragrances on offer, its appeal reaches far and wide. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted with one of her tinted lip balms, and the Queen also reportedly prefers Clarins hand and nail treatment cream.

And now, one of Clarins’ best-selling products has just turned 40. The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, £34, recently had a reformulation, and according to our editors and fanfare online, the product has never tasted better. And there’s some other good news: the brand has launched a £38 Beauty Flash Peel to go with it.

What is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm?

Think of it as a skincare-makeup hybrid. The gel-cream is moisturizing enough for normal to oily skin types to skip their moisturizer; they will find that it provides enough hydration to plump the skin and hydrate it. Those with drier skin types will likely still need a richer cream underneath to quench any real dry patches, but will appreciate the extra hydration this product provides.

Best used as the last step in your skincare routine and as the first step in your makeup routine (as a primer, basically). The name ‘Flash Balm’ is accurate: thanks to a thoughtful formula full of radiance-boosting ingredients, a small amount of it makes it easy to revive tired skin. Where other glow-boosting primers fall flat — namely with bits of glitter or shine — it gives a very natural glow that looks healthy and grown-up.


Beauty Flash Balm



Use it under a lightweight foundation or concealer and you’ll see the glow underneath. Its light gel-cream texture also makes it an ideal base, allowing makeup to adhere brilliantly.

The eagle-eyed Clarins fans among us will have noticed that another product has arrived in the Beauty Flash range: the Beauty Flash Peel, £38. Designed to be used as a treatment 2-3 times a week (although it depends on your skin type), consider this peel-off mask a deeper glow booster than its primary counterpart.

Among a host of natural ingredients we know (and love) from Clarins, they have combined two types of chemical exfoliants – glycolic acid and salicylic acid – to suck out all the dead skin cells and reveal a brighter and more evenly textured.

It’s a stroke of genius from the brand, and we can’t wait to use the two products together. You can shop the iconic Beauty Flash Balm and the brand new Beauty Flash Peel below.

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