Beauty Queens Harnaaz Sandhu and Beatrice Gomez Share Personal Items They’d Like to Sell Online E! News UK

Reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu (right) Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez (Photo by Beatrice Luigi Gomez Facebook)

Reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu and Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez have revealed some personal items they would like to share and sell online.

During an event titled “Meet Miss Universe: The Lazada x Miss Universe Meet & Greet 2022” via Zoom recently, online host Jaz Reyes asked the beauty queens, “if you could sell something on Lazada, qu would it be and why?”

Bea said she would like to sell her high heels to aspiring beauty queens.

“In the lead, I would sell my heels. I have always believed that the key to good pasarala (walking) is good discipline and a good pair of high heels. So for those who aspire to be beauty queens, you should buy one of my high heels, I will sell one. It’s good to practice on your high heels if you want to perfect your pasarela walk. So that’s something I’m going to sell to Lazada,” he said.

For the role of Harnaaz, the Indian beauty queen said she would like to sell two items, including her lucky lipstick.

“I’m sorry, Bea, but you stole my answer!” I will keep my heels with me. I want to sell two things. One would be my tip notes on how I handle everything I have, so I think that would be helpful for some people. And the other is the lucky lipstick that I used throughout Miss Universe, so I would use it every day. I think those are the two items I would like to share and sell,” Harnaaz also said.

Bea and Harnaaz also gave their advice to young girls dreaming of becoming beauty queens.

“You don’t just need a good pair of high heels, believe in yourself, believe in your confidence. Becoming a beauty takes a lot of hard work. Your strength will depend on you, not others,” the queen said of Cebuana beauty.

“The only thing I want to tell them is that you shouldn’t be afraid to fail. You may not win on your first attempt, and it’s okay to fail, grow, and come back. Always have that faith. Always believe that you are unique and made for something special. And are you still wondering what winning means to you? What does Miss Universe mean to you? And believe me, after the contest you will become a whole new different individual who is confident, stronger, has a great release, ready to conquer your goals. So keep calm, be patient and go with the flow,” Harnaaz added.




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