5-person test: Glossier’s latest flagship, Ultralip


Evaluation: 10/10

Shei Mamona, GLAMOR Beauty and Entertainment Assistant

Using lip balms is a daily reality (sometimes hourly) and what I look for in a balm is something long lasting, which will hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE and leave my lips soft for as long as scientifically possible. I’m generally not one for tints, but this formula got me selling. From the packaging, to the duo service of hydration and color as well as the sexy glow left behind …

In the words of Paris Hilton I love that. It was super soft on application and it glided on my lips like butter, without pulling or pulling the balms stick. I chose this shade Ember, but prefer dark shades to be less transparent so I am dreaming of Villa at this moment.

Go brighter! It’s one of those products that I didn’t think I needed but now that it’s here I feel my beauty kit is more complete.

Evaluation: 8/10

Celia Gómez, GLAMOR video editor

What I love about Ultralip Glossier is that it’s by far the easiest lip product to apply. Perfect for summer to give you an effortless, minimal and natural look. It takes a bit of layering to get good results, so if you’re looking for a heavy pigment it might not wow you, but as an added bonus it lasts a long time. It took me a good couple of hours before I started noticing any major discoloration, and when it did, it was done evenly, without leaving that clown finish. You know how it goes – with the color pigment that collects around the lip line. I love easy-to-apply makeup, which is why this will now be my new everyday lip look. i tried the Lucite shade, and while I don’t generally prefer light pinks, I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it looked with my fair skin tone. Plus, it’s vegan, and I love it!

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