5 Healthy Choices Yaser Elqutub Makes Every Day


Almost a decade ago, Texas native Yaser Elqutub played professional ball for the Canadian Football League. BC Lions. Now the former linebacker turned doctor of osteopathy – Elqutub attended the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine— starts his own practice in Dallas.

But when Elqutub opened Intentional healing Direct primary care with physical therapist Mark Anthony Rodriguez earlier this fall, he wasn’t sure Dallas had seen anything like this before.

“To my knowledge, nothing has been done like this before where an osteopathic doctor and a physical therapist combine to treat ailments,” says Elqutub. “Our services are broad and encompass our holistic approach to medicine. »

Requiring the same level of training and licensing as physicians, osteopathic physicians focus on the whole body in their patient care, while taking into account the environment and lifestyle. The idea behind Elqutub’s Dallas practice, which officially opened on September 1, was to apply these principles. The practice is rooted in the notion of providing a holistic wellness option at an affordable cost, the primary care physician says.

We caught up with Elqutub to find out more about how his football career, his lifelong focus on well-being and his medical background shape his approach to a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, what does “healthy” mean to you?

Health is a byproduct of the body’s ability to heal itself. One of the principles of osteopathy is that form follows function. This means that if the body is in alignment, then the body has the ability to heal itself. If for any reason the body is out of alignment, even through physical trauma, emotional trauma, poor diet, poor sleep, or the environment, the body’s ability to heal itself can be hindered. Normally, our body has the ability to recover from these traumas; however, there may be a breaking point in our lives where we start noticing various health issues or pains. No matter how old you are, finding the root of this impedance is key to allowing the body to heal itself.

Well, with that ideology in mind, how do you start your day on a healthy note?

It is a combination of several things being practiced at the same time, some of which have become unconscious at this point. First, at the core of my being, I know what the purpose of life is. I also know what my purpose in life is. My faith in God is solidified, and that’s what gives me the basis for knowing that everything will be okay. In terms of diet, I usually wake up early, around 5am and do my gym workout for the day. I take my daily Wellness Formula tablets for disease prevention and for immune support. My mood and workouts are driven by gratitude, knowing that there are far too many blessings in life for us to count.

What’s your favorite restaurant in town and your favorite workout? The perfect combination, right?

Chipotle, hands down! For me to get healthy calories without breaking the bank, Chipotle is the way to go. But I’m also a big fan of Flower Child and True Food Kitchen. For my favorite workout, weightlifting, especially on leg day. I have many places where I work out, like the clinic gym, LA Fitness, or my apartment gym. I’m also a big fan of sports like basketball or Tiger Ball.

Any wellness goals you’d like to share with Magazine D readers?

Never underestimate how many things like the physical and emotional trauma, diet, sleep, stress and spirituality can affect our health. I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of patients, and the main difference between those who have vitality and longevity is how well they have taken care of themselves over time and have they are balanced in mind, body and spirit.

How to end your day on a healthy note?

For the most part, I tend to eat healthier foods, mostly plants and meats from organic sources. I take the time to be present with my family and to be attentive when I find myself. I also pray with my eldest son every night before bed.



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