4 brilliant natural beauty companies to be proud of your skin and hair


Good summer! The change of season affects our hair. It’s graduation season, so why not ditch your old beauty routine and way of thinking about the beauty industry as a whole? Giving back is a buzzword on Thanksgiving Day, but it’s an everyday mentality in the city of Detroit, especially for beauty businesses. Join the new wave by supporting local businesses that are leading the future.

Detroitsit has compiled a comprehensive list of black-owned natural beauty businesses in Detroit that are just beginning to make an impact on the larger African-American community or are already seasoned and have helped change inside and out. outside! Find out why you should start loving the hair you were born with and what a little attention can do!



Miranda Moy of MOY Hair Essentials hails from Detroit and is breaking into the beauty industry. In addition to putting Detroit on the map with her line of products, she is dedicated to enriching the community. She recently volunteered with EarthWorks Detroit, which is on a mission to create a just and delicious food system for people. Miranda is a master cosmetologist who has transformed her hair salon business into award-winning natural hair care products. Her hair care line is rooted in Moy’s love for inner beauty and naturally healthy hair. Click HERE to support Miranda’s movement and let your hair choose your next all-natural product. Maybe start with a moisturizing leave-in detangler.


We mentioned graduation season in the intro, which connects to this upcoming natural, family-owned beauty business in Detroit. Take on the next chapter of your life as you grow to appreciate your natural hair. Yes, this includes layers, coarse, kinky, woolly, thin, short, etc. Course Creator, Master Instructor and Academic Director Sheila Everette-Hale invites you to take advantage of professional courses, events, services and products. There is a community in its own hair care journey. Join online conversation on Wednesday, March 23 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST on Facebook or Zoom…or physically at the Everette School of Natural Beauty in downtown Detroit. Located at 227 Iron Street, Loft 133, Detroit, MI. Click HERE for your FREE ticket (you must register) via Eventbrite.com. Call 313-527-2884 for more information.

Glamorous beauty products Amarra



Natural beauty companies in Detroit usually start in Detroit, but Amarra Products hasn’t even started selling in Michigan despite its Detroit location. You may have already spotted Tiffany Cartwright’s GLAM beauty products at a Walmart store across the country, at Target, or online. Amarra Products is a certified women’s and minority-owned company dedicated to eco-friendly and skin-friendly products. Check the bottles and you won’t find any preservatives, SLS, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, or animal testing. Positive change is the name of their game! They remain committed to providing employment opportunities, mentorship and hope to disadvantaged and underserved inner-city communities. Not yet convinced to buy? A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to charity to support cancer, lupus and diabetes survivors. Click HERE to buy organic body scrub and more.


Enhance your celebrity status with this next black-owned beauty salon in Detroit worth mentioning. Launched in 2020, Black entrepreneur Katrina Wilson dreamed up a successful way to help people with the art of hairstyling…and her dream started with a $596,000 grant. Midtown Detroit Salon & Spa is the area’s first and only multicultural and celebrated beauty salon that caters to all hair textures and ethnicities. No one else in Detroit has done it like Katrina yet, which means the experience is sure to be one of a kind. The friendly staff will welcome you with a relaxing drink https://detroitit.com/the-5-best-cocktail-bars-in-detroit-to-say-cheers-to-a-new-year/. From there you will enjoy a massage, facial, hair styling, manicure or any other service. Staff consult with you to assess your needs, so you just have to step out like the star you’ve always been. Click HERE to purchase their products online and click HERE to make a salon reservation.

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