12 women rated the Sukin Brightening Jelly Scrub.


Exfoliating products continue to explode in the skin care market and every beauty publisher or content creator is raving about their benefits. And for good reason.

To put it simply: an exfoliant removes the buildup of dead skin cells.

So no matter how much you hydrate your skin with cleansers, creams, and oils, if you haven’t removed those skin cells with an exfoliant, your skin can still look dry and dull.

A good exfoliator not only removes unwanted cells, but also targets other skin care concerns, like lightening or moisturizing the skin.

Sukin Brightening Jelly Scrub does both.

Formulated with Kakadu plum (a natural source of vitamin C) and bromelain (a natural fruit enzyme), these key ingredients gently remove impurities, while passion fruit seeds and jojoba polish the skin. smooth skin to promote even, dewy skin.

Sounds like a dream, right?

To help you find out if Actually tick all these boxes, we asked our Mama mia You Beauty Panel to try Sukin Brightening Jelly Scrub and share their honest thoughts.

Here is what they reported to us.

Megan, 22: “My skin feels so soft after using it.”

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“A really nice, gentle exfoliant that gets the job done. My skin feels so soft after using it. I noticed a huge difference in the overall texture and appearance of my skin. The exfoliator gently removed all of it. dry skin adding a beautiful glow. “

Aradhana, 27: “It’s the best way to pick myself up when I’m having a bad skin day.”

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