Online bad credit loans -Online loan places for bad credit: quick cash in a day

Online loan places for bad credit: quick cash in a day

Online loan places for bad credit like operates 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Type of loan

Online Payday Loans With Bad Credit

Where to hire fast credit

Application and contracting through the internet

Purpose of the loan

No matter the purpose for which it is intended

Cost of € 100 (one hundred Euros) at 30 days (thirty)

It is not detailed

Credit Advantages
  • Up to € 1,000 available
  • Automatic, simple and fast process
  • Instant grant
  • The DNI is the only document to present


With Online Loan Loans, we can obtain up to € 1,000 quickly and easily. The process is 100% online and the immediate concession, thanks to the automated service available. According to the bank with which the borrower operates, the income will be effective between 24 and 48 hours at most. The percentage of approved applications is 95%. To proceed with your request, we will only have to enter the required information, the amount of the loan and the way in which we want to receive the money. If approved, we will only have to confirm the contract by means of an SMS code. The customer service operates continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Regarding the requirements that we must meet: Having reached the age of majority, being a Spanish resident, having a mobile phone and being registered on the Loan website. As documentation, only the ID. In case we want to apply for another loan, it will be available, as long as we have repaid the previous one in full.

You can hire with the mobile

It is not detailed

APP for fast credits

It is not detailed

It’s easy to use

Yes, it is an automated process

It is exclusive for already clients

No, it is not an exclusive product for customers

You need guarantor

Does not require a guarantor

More information about the requirements

About requirements:

  • It is required to have reached the age of majority
  • Have Spanish nationality
  • An active contact mobile
  • Be registered on the Loan website


It is a quick loan

Yes, with immediate response and concession in 24 or 48 hours

Free early refund

No, early return carries a cost

Allows ASNEF or similar

It is not detailed

Interest-free credit

No, if it implies an interest expense

Apply for a loan


The maximum age for a full return

It is not detailed

The minimum age when applying for the loan

It is required to have reached the age of majority (18 years)

The minimum amount that can be requested

A value of 50 Euros

The maximum amount that can be requested

A value of 1,000 Euros

More information about limits

The limit of the loan amount is extended, once we have requested the first one and we have repaid it in full and within the fixed term


More information about commissions

There are no details about it, if we need information, we will be very kindly assisted through the Customer Service.